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Barbados Real Estate

When considering Barbados properties, it's important to be aware of local regulations and restrictions on foreign ownership. Additionally, working with us (a true local real estate agent) will provide you valuable insights into the market and help with the purchasing process. Our real world experience of actually migrating to Barbados some 20 years ago has given us unique insights into buying, renting and selling property in Barbados. See our concise guide to 'buying property in Barbados' here


A guide to living and staying in Barbados

Living or staying in Barbados can be a delightful experience, given its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and friendly atmosphere. Whether you're considering a short visit or planning to make Barbados your home. 

Known for its high-end properties, the West Coast is famous for its white sandy beaches and luxury resorts. It's a popular choice for those seeking upscale living and investment opportunities.

The South Coast offers a mix of residential and commercial properties. It's known for its lively atmosphere, restaurants, and entertainment options.

The East Coast is less developed and known for its rugged beauty. It may appeal to those looking for a quieter, more natural setting.

All the coastlines boast varying waters, the west coast is falt calm, the south windy and choppy and the east rough and wild where one can only swim and relax in protected rock pools.

Some featured properties in Barbados at a glance