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The three principals of Sandcastle Caribbean Real Estate are Alex Leach, Angad Singh and Camilla Williams. The three colleagues decided that three heads were certainly better than one with each person having a unique local knowledge as well as  their own global experience.

Alexis moved to Barbados in 2000 to develop a property now known as Villas On The Beach.

He was educated at St Pauls School and then moved on to Kingston University. After that he lived and worked for two years in Spain , one year in Bermuda and then returned to London for the next ten plus years setting up, managing and ultimately selling  first, a cleaning company and then a few years later and up to his time of departure, set up, owned and ran a bar/restaurant on the Kings Road in Chelsea called Come The Revolution.

Since arriving in Barbados he began the development of Villas On The Beach and then sold on the rights to a development  team shortly after the sad events of 911.

The second development undertaken and completed was the high end development of Coral Cove in which  his role was to acquire land, set up the profesional teams and head up the sales process of the units. Units sold between 1 and 4 million usd.


The now famous development of Beachlands was structured by Alexis and ultimately sold to the River Island group and is widely considered to still be potentially the premier beach devlopment in Barbados with homes there selling in excess of 15 million usd. Alexis also set up a development group known as Global Developments which had developments planned in Thailand, Sevilla in Spain, Anguilla, St Luica and Barbados as well as the planned acquisition of the  Four Seasons site in Grenada where again he was responsible for the acquisition and professional teams.

Post 2008 Alexis set up his first iteration of his real estate brokerage being Barbados Realty and then one year later began Sandcastle Caribbean which is now a well known leading agency on island and in St Lucia.


Camilla Williams

Camilla Rossi is a distinguished member of our sales and rental team, based in the beautiful island of Barbados. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Camilla has developed a deep understanding and expertise in both sales and rentals. Her passion for real estate is matched only by her commitment to providing exceptional customer service, making her a trusted advisor to clients. Camilla's extensive knowledge of the Barbadian property market has been instrumental in successfully closing numerous high-profile deals. She prides herself on her ability to connect clients with their dream properties, whether for investment, vacation, or permanent residence. Her warm, approachable demeanor and sharp negotiation skills ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience for both buyers and sellers. Camilla is not just a realtor; she's an ambassador for the luxurious lifestyle that Barbados offers. Her dedication and professionalism make her an invaluable asset to our team and to every client she serves.”

Angad Singh

Angad is truly West Indian at heart, having been born in the South American country of Guyana, and moved to St. Lucia at a very young age. Having lived in St. Lucia for over 30 years he considers here his home. He has been practicing real estate in St. Lucia for over 10 years now. Angad started off managing St Lucia Sothebys International Realty in Rodney Bay and after five years, he moved on to open his own real estate firm. His success over the years has been attributed to his collaboration with only the best and from working with Sandcastle, he believes that we are either on our way or already there.

Real estate is not just a job for him but one he truly enjoys and sees it as a way of life.  Angad is constantly in touch with his clients and assisting in whatever way he can, not just real estate, but sharing of local knowledge and experiences so their transition to the island is a seamless one. We at Sandcastle take pride in what we do and can make it happen for you.

For those considering property investment, the Caribbean boasts not only idyllic settings but also promising returns. Take advantage of our insights into the local market trends and investment potential, making your foray into Caribbean real estate a financially savvy decision.

Whether it's selling a slice of paradise or finding the ideal rental for your Caribbean escape, our dedicated team is committed to turning your property aspirations into reality. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the vibrant and diverse real estate landscape of the Caribbean.


Luxury Homes for sale and rent in the Caribbean